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"My Teacher" Topical Composition Example

The teacher teaches, enlightens people means. Teaching is a sacred profession. My teacher enlightens me, values ​​me, giving me loving and valuable human being by my side all my bad memories. My teacher is a magical power that can turn all kinds of darkness into the light.

My teacher gives value to the student, it protects and arms. My teacher is Helpfully, is humble, it is a good place for my people who provide labor for me to come. My teacher is really a teacher. my teacher because I'm able to do that because it is hard.
My teacher; describing lessons for the students to principles, which reflect them hope in the dark. My teacher taught me the right way to live a good life in the future and are taught to be good and virtuous people.

My teacher is working tirelessly against human challenges. In addition to the students who are good and bad days.

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